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About Us

Kevin Edward Costs are a professional Law Costs Management company with offices in Liverpool and London. The Directors had grown frustrated by the varying standards within the industry and decided to build an organisation that is both customer and service led.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Kevin Edward Costs provide an expert fully tailored Legal Costs Service in the fields of Catastrophic Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Complex Civil and Commercial Multi-track cases.

All of our work is undertaken on a costs neutral basis, meaning all of our fees are recovered from the Defendant as opposed to being deducted from your own profit costs.


By listening to clients over the years and understanding what costs firms had been doing right, as well as wrong; we have built an efficient and streamlined system that assures the maximisation of costs, with quick turnaround and without service levels dropping.

We understand the frustrations solicitors can experience when their files are sent to national Costs Draftsman firms and speak with a different employee each time contact is made. The most common practice is to have one person draft the Bill, another negotiate and another chase payment. Consequently settlements are delayed because the instructed handler simply does not have the technical expertise to deal with any problems that can arise.

We strongly believe that no one knows the file better than the Draftsman themselves; and therefore our Draftsmen will deal with all aspects of the costs process. Therefore any potential problems that arise are addressed immediately and expert advice can be provided.

As a firm, we are more than confident in the service we provide and can assure our clients a complete professional experience with a personal touch that cannot be matched elsewhere.