Bikers for Neurosupport finalise plans for The Great Brain Ride 2016


Our Managing Director Alec Hughes is Chairman of motorbike club, Bikers For Neurosupport (BFN). Alec and his fellow club members have formed this club as a unique way of combining two of his passions – his charitable work for Neurosupport and the world of biking!

Through previous successful events BFN have been able to raise awareness of Neurosupport and tap into a whole new base of support.

Neurosupport, under direction of CEO Nanette Mellor, has some fantastic plans to continue and grow the vital service it provides to many individuals living with a Neurological condition, and BFN will be supporting them in their journey in every way they can.

On 17.02.2015 BFN club members met with Neurosupport’s CEO Nanette Mellor and BFN club patron Nick Sanders (“Fastest Man Around The World” ) to finalise plans for The Great Brain Ride 2015.

BFN are proud to announce that The Great Brain Ride 2015 will take place on the 18th July 2015 and they will be joined by Nick Sanders! The ride will start in Liverpool and end in North Wales. Their aim is to promote awareness of Neurosupport and also to help raise vital funs that the charity needs in order to continue with their amazing national work.

To sponsor The Great Brain Ride 2015 please go to to donate securely.

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